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It is no easy task to become a consistently profitable trader. At zoltantrades, we equip you with the knowledge required to find and execute trades on high quality intraday setups.

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No Indicators, Straight Price Action

Why risk hard earned money relying on lagging indicators? Instead, we use information revealed to us by the chart, real time, bar by bar. Our trading community excels at reading the story that the chart presents with the help of our 4 Pillar System.

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    Stay informed and prepared with our daily watchlists, curated using our 4 Pillar Trading System

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    Learn the fundamentals, strategies, and psychology of trading with our comprehensive educational materials.


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Having dedicated over 4+ years and 5,000+ hours to studying charts and trading full-time, Zoltan is now introducing personalized mentorship opportunities for traders seeking to learn the art of successful trading. While Zoltan already shares his strategies and knowledge for free on YouTube, he also offers the option for traders to engage in one-on-one interactions, providing them with a more convenient and tailored learning experience.

Through thousands of hours devoted to trading and exhaustively testing numerous trading strategies, I discovered the essential importance of reading and comprehending charts, bar by bar. Years of chart analysis cultivates a deep understanding of the market, yet true success as a trader comes from embracing a system that unveils the narrative embedded within price action. The system I use catagorizes the complexities of price movement enabling a thorough dissection of the events unfolding on the chart. Zoltan zoltantrades gavel
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Our Discord Community

Join us in discord every morning where we send a pre-market watchlist, plan, key levels and live market updates for free which are based off of the 4 pillar system we use.

  • Pre-Market Plan

    We scan the market using the 4 Pillar System and send out a gameplan for the top stocks on watch

  • Support/Resistance Levels

    We give out key levels within the pre-market plan which we use as reference points for entries and exits

  • Real Time Market Updates

    Market updates are provided which include trade ideas, risk management and trader psychology